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Unique Specialty Cards

What makes collecting Starbucks cards interesting is the various specialty cards that are issued.

Cards that make this page are generally not available to the public, at least in wide distribution. Some
Cards are for employee's only, one exclusive to a game (crossword puzzle card), some released in specific markets only,
the Ray and Onward Cards available in CD and Book releases, and others only available via Starbucks.com or their
Corporate Sales department.

NOTE: Some listing will be here and on the USA page. Unique Canadian issues are listed on the Canadian page.

Click each image below for more information.

City and State Starbucks Cards

These Cards are made exclusively for specific cities or states, and now seven for the country, city or Provence of Canada*. Only available in these regions, these cards are a bit harder to obtain. We are only tracking U.S. and Canada issues in the section.

Here are America's largest metropolitan area's with the latest breakdown to date.

Note: We've included "City by the Bay" to San Francisco and "Brooklyn Bridge" to New York,

This list is now individual to each city or state giving collectors a quick snapshot of the issues released.

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
Orange County
San Diego
San Francisco
Washington D.C.

Shareholder Cards




Concept and Prototype Cards

Over the years, designers have submitted idea's for Starbucks Cards, which for whatever reasons got rejected. Some of these designs have surfaced on eBay in rare occasions, but are extremely rare, possibly one-of-a-kind.

Below are a few examples of items shared with us.

You thought the original prototype card was the beginning? Think again.

Before that historic Shareholder meeting in 2001 where everyone attending received the "Prototype" card, there was something else happening in the card design effort.

You'll find proof deep within the walls of Starbucks Corporate headquarters in Seattle, where various concept/prototype cards are displayed. None of these 6 concept idea's really took off individually; however, bits and pieces of each concept were incorporated into the final designs that would start late in 2001.

Here are the 2001 original concept/prototype Starbucks cards:

Click each image for additional information


Below is a rejected mini breakaway prototype



Co-Branded Starbucks Cards

These Cards are made exclusively for larger corporate customers. For collectors, fewer
Cards will be available and harder to obtain, making them a class of their own. What is co-branding?
A customized Starbucks Card with a company's corporate name and/or logo on the face.

These Cards will work at any Starbucks location (with few exceptions of Asian countries).

Special Note

The Co-Branded Starbucks Cards will NOT be tracked by BucksCards after January 1st, 2012.
The main reason is obvious to many collectors. It's simply too easy for anyone to order a Co-Branded
Starbucks Card(s) and re-sale them on eBay for big money. Templates and backgrounds can be used over by
different companies, making these more like "customized" cards, but on a larger scale.

We've received many emails with concerns, and we can't agree more about the possible
fraud that can come from it. In addition, it's virtually impossible to track all the possibilities.

We strongly encourage collectors to use common sense when collecting these issues.





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