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BucksCards.com is the first worldwide site to track the Starbucks card. Since the first card issued in 2001, collectors around the world have bought, sold and traded the various designs as hobbyists and for profit.

This site was developed to track each card, it's unique designs, their collectable status, availability, history, and purpose. It would be a surprise to some to learn that a few Starbucks Cards were only issued to raise money for charities and other worthy causes. (see Flamingo, Dolphin, Ichiro, Red and most recently the Preservation Card - to name a few).

doesn't report on re-issues of the same design (in most cases) unless a major design change has been implemented, so collectors that are looking for every possible release, variety or series of the same design won't find that information on this site. When we find relevant data, we'll report it under the "collectors note" of any given design.

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