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Spain Cards

In April 2002, Starbucks opened their first store in Madrid, Spain. Now Spain has approximately 50 stores (and growing) in Madrid, Barcelona and Sevilla.

We've wondered in recent months why we haven't seen new issues from Spain. The short answer is, Spain has discontinued the Starbucks Card program. Spain works with the Club Vips Loyalty Card instead (Club Vips seems to be one of the leading multi-brand groups in the hospitality and retail sector in the country), so they have no plans of adapting the Starbucks Card in the near future.

We believe it might be the lack of stores in Spain that they can't justify the cost of running this program. Here is the official answer (translated to English) from Starbucks Spain.

Thank you for contacting us sending your comments. Some time ago we stopped issuing gift

cards,  that's the reason why you don't find them in all Starbucks shops and only in those that

still have a small remaining stock. However, we have the project to issue them again.

For any other doubt or comment, please, do not hesitate to contact us”




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