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History of the Starbucks Card
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Chinese Cards

The Starbucks Card arrives in China in 2009 with the Coffee on Ice Card.

Cards in China have been confusing from the various programs they offer. Discount Cards (shown below) are purchased, then are used for discounts. This program is now expired.

The next section is the Reward Card. They are purchased but don't carry money. Their main purpose is to gain "stars" for free or discounted items.

The last section is the Gift Cards. It's the one term that Starbucks Corporate shied away from in the beginning - only wanted to refer to them as STARBUCKS CARDS. Why China is setting their own rules isn't clear. So, "Gift Cards" in China are loaded with the Yuan amount shown on the front of the Card(s).

Starbucks Cards in China are valid for three (3) months, so this explains the quick releases and short runs of the various Cards. This also explains why Cards are more expensive from China.

A special note about "Starbucks Cards" NOT listed here. They are not issued from Starbucks and for whatever reason, these "phone cards" can use the Starbucks logo legally. Hundreds of examples have surfaced and look like legitimate Starbucks Cards, but are phone cards instead. BucksCards.com does not track these Cards.


Discount Cards (program expired)

These Chinese Cards are designed to offer the customer a discount (usually 10%)


Reward Issues

Gold Stickers

Reward cards are purchased and used to earn stars on individual reward accounts.
Money is not loaded on them.

Gift Cards

This section only shows individual designs - not all values (as shown on the front of cards) are listed.
Usually they are available in three (3) denominations - 100, 200, & 500 yuan.
Not all designs will have all three denominations.
Gift Cards are loaded with the amount shown on the front of each card.

Gift Cards in China started in December 2013 with the Green Gift Card.
This first design was available in 100, 200, 500 and 1000 yuan.

Updates discontinued until further notice
Mini "cup" cards


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